Role of Vibration and Frequency

Vibration & Frequency 

This approach to recovery is about focusing on your vibration and nurturing your frequency rather than focusing on the addiction itself.

The energetic/vibrational frequency of addiction is low and dense. Being in an addictive pattern is being in a state of lack and constriction, being in an agitated state that needs soothing, and a longing for something different. 

This pattern keeps building on itself until some type of resolution is found (i.e. taking the drink, the pill, the sex, the cake, etc.) and we get a temporary reprieve. And after the initial dopamine hit then we sink even lower than when we started. There is the physical hangover, plus the shame and guilt, then the longing starts over again. It is a vicious cycle of hell. 

The key is to switch the vibrational frequency. Think of it as a television. When you’re in the vibration of addiction it’s like being on a horror channel. And you can try to find other ways to endure this horror (like closing your eyes, hands over your ears or trying to do something else while the show is on.) but the reality is that you’re still taking in the ominous music, the screams and your peripheral vision can see the bloody scenes. In other words your awareness (your consciousness) still knows this horror is occurring. Why not just change the channel to something inspiring? 

Imagine what simply changing the channel will do to your nervous system. Can you feel the ahhhhh? That’s what we need to do in life. Rather than trying to drink less or manage hangovers better or only smoke on weekends, etc. we need to switch to a new channel. 

You will discover tools that will shift the frequency altogether. That’s where creativity, meditation, sacred geometry, astrology yoga, etc. comes in. And it’s not limited to these things. It’s about discovering what you can do to raise your own vibration.. Maybe it’s pickleball, going on a hike, or going to the animal shelter. It’s all about finding what feels good. What feels good, what lights you up and makes you happy, calm, more loving..., raises your vibration rather than lowers it.  It’s also about reframing things as needed. 

Shifts in perspective create shifts in vibration.

For instance, maybe you’re thinking, "I don’t have time for this creative stuff." But here’s the reality, anyone with an addictive habit knows about their immense propensity to find the time, the money or whatever it takes to get that thing that gives them a bump of dopamine. Whether it’s alcohol, chocolate cake or sex with a stranger…the ritual of making it happen is part of the cycle. From that perspective you can begin to see what a powerful manifestor you are to create what you desire in their life. 

Imagine putting that much intention into something that is life-giving rather than depleting. And once you start manifesting experiences that are sustainable and bring joy and gratitude, the needle on the vibrational meter just keeps rising higher and higher, rather than the vicious cycle of guilt and shame with the addictive pattern.

Each day you engage in even 15 minutes of anything that raises your vibration, the higher the vibrational average goes. Then, one day, the scales tip and you are spending more time and energy engaged in experiences, people, places and ideas that are in alignment with your heart and with what you love. This is living in alignment. This is recovery.


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